Flutterby - Eyelash Extensions
Every once in a while in the beauty industry, a trend emerges that is so great, everyone you know starts to look different – and never looks back.  Such was the case in the with cool-toned makeup, in the with primer, and today with eyelashes.  Whether through Latisse, over-the-counter eyelash growth treatments or false lashes, it seems hardly anyone is walking around with stubby lashes – and no one is getting married or celebrating a huge photographed event without batting a full 1000.  

Lashes, false eyelashes that stay on indefinitely, even through showering, swimming – you name it.  The secret to XTreme Lashes seems to be its glue, which is a waterproof acrylate polymer also used in medical processes for wound closure.  The creator of XTreme Lashes, Jo Mousselli, is a former registered nurse who seems to have gone through great lengths to ensure the safety as well as for the procedure itself – all Lash Stylists must take an XTreme Lashes training course. 

The entire procedure takes about 60-120 minutes.  During the procedure, the lash stylist will each lash extension meticulously, one by one, for a total of 60-90 eyelash extensions per eye.  The process is easy – lay down,  have eyelashes attached, fall asleep (optional) – and open eyes to see a brand-new set of lashes!  More information about the procedure is available through the XTreme Lashes website.

A brief introduction to the most innovative beauty the world as seen - Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions. Single strands of synthetic lashes are applied one by one to your natural lashes.

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